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Readymade sculpture

The 'Readymade Sculpture series was initially twitter based with each individual photos supposedly being tweeted as soon as they were taken. This has developed into something which I think needs to be seen collectively so I've put them all together as a video piece incorporating all the still images so far. The photographs started when I was in New York in 2008 when the notion of what sculpture was, was an idea I was contemplating. This maybe was because I'd been to see the 'Unmonumental' exhibition at the new museum which was a survey of recent (mainly American) sculpture and had left me debating current practice. I didn't start the project thinking about it being a ongoing series of work, they were just purely pictures of things that interested me. When I went on a family holiday to Pisa later in the same year I found myself again seeing lots of fantastic sculptural things and instinctively photographed them, but I didn't really know what I could do with the images. It wasn't untiI got a smart phone last year that I started taking the project seriously and began to see more and more readymade sculptures when I was out and about.
The main criteria for taking a photograph of an object is that it has to have a relationship with art; and mainly that has responded to a memory of seeing something similar in a gallery or book. There is always a very uncanny moment when I come across something that needs to be photographed. It's kind of a shock mixed with excitement, familiarity and strangeness.